Lots of attractions at CAVALIADA Poznań

CAVALIADA equally invites families with children and enthusiasts of equestrian sports as everyone will find something for himself/herself here!

See what kind of adventures will await you at CAVALIADA

  • Sports emotions | arena A and arena B (Hall 7a)
  • Attractions for families with children | arena B (Hall 7a)
  • Child Zone | Hall 6
  • Polish Horse Breeders Hall | Hall 8a
  • Time for Polish Horses auction | arena A (Hall 5) and arena B (Hall 7a)
  • Equestrian Equipment and Accessories Fair | Hall 6a
  • Festival of Art and Artistic Objects and Poznań Christmas Chain (Hall 7 and 8)

Sports emotions | arena A and arena B

CAVALIADA is the emotional equestrian competition at a high international sport level. At CAVALIADA arenas, the competitors fight in such competitions as show jumping, eventing, four horse carriage driving, dressage, vaulting and dressage-riding for the disabled. CAVALIADA is one of most important equestrian events in this part of Europe.


Horse shows

An important part of each edition of the event is the entertainment programme within which the audience watches theatre performances and shows with participation of horses. Up till now, on the arenas of CAVALIADA it was possible to admire shows of vaulting, drills of military formations and riding police as well as presentations of cold-blooded stallions, dancers of the French “Compagnie des Quidams” group, imitating the movement of steeds and performers of the Horseman Team jumping over obstacles like horses.


Child Zone

This is where, as in no other place, sport encounters artistic creations, the artistic madness mixes with joyful games and equestrian passions are triggered. In the Child Zone, many attractions will await the youngest guests: Young Rider’s Bakery, animations and pony rides.


Polish Horse Breeders Hall

It is an exceptional place where breeding encounters sport, work is a fascinating adventure and science is a great fun! The idea emerged as an initiative of the Polish Horse Breeders Association and Poznań International Fair in order to promote the Polish horse breeding and emphasise how significant the role of horse industry is in the Polish reality. It is the only project of this type in Poland. POLISH HORSE BREEDERS HALL brings the issue of horse breeding in Poland closer and presents all spectrum of opportunities offered by this dynamically developing branch of industry.


Fair of Equestrian Equipment and Accessories

A huge exhibition space will await the visitors. Equestrian equipment and accessories, stable equipment, fodder and supplements as well as equestrian services - a very broad assortment will await at stands in Hall 6A nearby the Main Arena. Producers and distributors are certainly preparing a variety of news for the weekend of 30 November - 3 December!


Festival of Art and Artistic Objects and Poznań Christmas Chain

A Christmas market for all those striving for close contact with art and handicraft and interested in being introduced into the secrets of talented artists’ work. The Festival is an excellent place to buy unique Santa Claus gifts for the family. Joint construction of the Poznań Christmas Chain will be an additional attraction, particularly for the youngest.