For World Cup points and much more


334,000 PLN in the prize pool, 12 competitions, including two in the world ranking − this is the short summary of the sports program of the international show jumping competition CAVALIADA Warsaw 2021. The World Equestrian Federation approved the schedule and opened the CSI-W 2* and 1* entry panel.

The competition, which will take place on November 11-14, 2021 in Warsaw’s Torwar, will open a new series of CAVALIADA Tour. CSI competitions have the rank of two stars and the qualifications of the Central European League of the World Cup. The core of the show jumping program consists of three rounds. In the big round after Thursday’s 140 cm class, the competitors will continue to fight for high financial bonuses and points to three rankings. Both the Friday 145 cm competition and the Sunday Grand Prix (up to 160 cm) have a pool of PLN 100,000 and count towards the FEI and CAVALIADA Tour ranking. Additionally, the main competition of the event will be the next stage of the Central European League of the World Cup season 2021/2022.

The middle round consists of two qualifying competitions − 130 cm and 135 cm. On Saturday, couples can choose between two different competitions − the middle round finals (a two-phase 140 cm competition with a prize pool of PLN 16,000) or the spectacular Speed & Music (a 135 cm speed competition with a prize pool of PLN 20,000).

The CSI2* program includes two more special competitions: “Puissance” known to all fans and competitors with a prize pool of PLN 21,000 and Venus vs. Mars played for the first time in a completely new formula. It will not be a parallel competition as before, but a competition for selecting obstacles for points. Two teams of eight amazons and eight riders will compete in each stage. During 60-second runs, the competitors will choose to show jumping obstacles where the value of the points will reflect their difficulty. An additional attraction will be the possibility for competitiors to take the risk of jumping the joker after the closed time. The team with the most points wins. The prize pool is PLN 23,000 − PLN 15,000 are individual prizes, and PLN 8,000 will go to the best team. The small round (120-125 cm) will be held as part of CSI1*.

Please remember to regularly measure the temperature of the horses that are to take part in CSI and to daily use the FEI HorseApp.