Ola Kierznowska wins the Grand Prix!


18-year-old Aleksandra Kierznowska on Badorette won the Grand Prix competition for the prize of the President of the Board of PKO Bank Polski under the patronage of the Mayor of Poznan. Mateusz Tyszko on Zirocco Air took second place, and Matas Petraitis from Lithuania finished in third place on Goldcoast VDL.

54 pairs took part in the most important competition of the first week of CAVALIADA Winter Tour − Grand Prix (145 cm), included in the world ranking. The “thirteenth” obstacle was the time limit, which excluded as many as six riders from the competition. Ultimately, we saw eight couples in it, including five from Poland: Daria Kobiernik on Winchester, Maksymilian Wechta on Fibonacci S, Michał Kaźmierczak on Wilander, Mateusz Tyszko on Zirocco Air and Aleksandra Kierznowska on Badorette.


Aleksandra Kierznowska on Badorette turned out to be the fastest and most precise in the competition (time 37.70 seconds). This young, less than 18-year-old amazon wins a world ranking competition for the fifth time − this is the second time she is on the top of the CAVALIADA Grand Prix podium. Also on Badorette, Ola was the best during the Grand Prix CAVALIADA Lublin 2020.

− I competed on Badorette in 130 cm competitions two days in a row and she did great, so I was positive for today’s Grand Prix. It’s amazing to be the winner of the CAVALIADA Grand Prix competition for the second time − says Ola Kierznowska.

Mateusz Tyszko on Zirocco Air took the second place (time 39.34 seconds). The third place went to the representative of Lithuania − Matas Petraitis on Goldcoast VDL.

− The most difficult was the time limit. I saw Monika's ride [Grundkowska −editor's note] who jumped first. Despite the “zero” run, she managed to get the time limit. My horse is not too fast, so I knew I had to make a shortcut. It paid off and we finished the basic run flawlessly. As for the first international Grand Prix, I think that the parkour was set at the right level − says Michał Kaźmierczak, who finished 5th.

The winners of the Big Round competitions preceding the Grand Prix were: on Friday, Maksymilian Wechta on Fibonacci S (competition for the Wechta prize, under the patronage of the Marshal's Office of the Wielkopolska Province) and on Saturday, Paul-Richard Argus on Freedom (competition for the prize of the Kwiaty Polskie company).

Results are available HERE