Victory for Mazurek


The final of CAVALIADA Driving Tour ended with the victory of Piotr Mazurek – not only in the Saturday class, but also in the whole rivalry. The winner of the Speed&Music competition was Lithuania’s Andrius Petrovas.

There was plenty of emotion in the final of CAVALIADA Driving Tour, for the prize of Sobiesław Zasada Automotive, under the patronage of the Polish Equestrian Association. Three teams advanced into the second round, and the best of them all was Piotr Mazurek driving Peloponez, Blizard, Jaśmin and Inwencja. With this triumph, the competitor sealed the perfect season of starts - he had won earlier in Warsaw, twice in Poznań and once in Sopot.

“Everything worked out very happily for me. At the beginning of the Tour i built up an advantage that later gave me some ease. Later I outdid it with the tactics and it lost me some points, but I have drawn conclusions from that and tried to drive reliably and follow the best lines. Today I had the best time in the first round, and it gave me an advantage and a complete overview of the situation. The opponents are as dangerous as their current form of the day. The pressure did not make it easy to fight the second turn. I knew how my predecessors went and improved my time by another five seconds. It is a very lucky day for me, the fans in Krakow are great, they are interested in this sport, the heart grows when the audiences fill such a huge hall. I can thank the organizers for the fact that driving is a part of Cavaliada and it is gaining more and more popularity. Cavaliada makes us better and better.” – said the winner.

Second place in the class went to Krzysztof Szczepaniak, and third to Aleksander Fularczyk. Piotr Mazurek took the gold medal of the Polish Indoor Driving Cup. Silver went into the hands of Bartłomiej Kwiatek, and bronze to debutant Fularczyk.


The Speed ​​& Music competition, popular with CAVALIADA audiences, for the prize of Grupa MTP, under the patronage of Horse & Business Magazine and the media patronage of Radio ZET, gathered many fast combinations at the startlist. In the end, the Lithuanian representative, Andrius Petrovas, riding Gigollo, turned out to be the best. The second place was taken by the Dutchman Dennis Van Den Brink at Ileanne SFN, and third was Poland’s Małgorzata Koszucka riding Keira Hippica.


A special relay competition was also held, for the prize of PKO Bank Polski, under the patronage of the Marshal of the Małopolska Region, in which the teams consisted of CAVALIADA Future riders on ponies and adults who drove the track in a Mercedes car. The squad of Katarzyna Zawadzka and Wedog Pride N Joy, Michalina Jach and Kreska and the silver medalist of the Polish national championships Dawid Kubiak, turned out to be the fastest.